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The intention here is to maintain a small selection of tunes, in notation and TAB (fiddle/mandolin) with accompanying chords.
There are links to mp3 file recordings for most tunes.

'Lynnie's Lilt' is my latest piece, named after my mother Lynnie Christine Langrish, who has always enjoyed singing so much... She is nearly 93 now and is sadly suffering from all those years... I played her this tune today and quite a few others too. She said she really liked it, I hope you will too! It's in the key of F, as I find this a great sounding key on a treble English concertina. I struggled to play all those bar chords on the guitar, so chose to cappo the 3rd fret and play in D, I've shown those chords under the stave.


'Marco's Waltz' is for my friend, in celebration of his birthday, which is today!

The recording which can be accessed by the link below, was made using a 1895 Lachenal Engish concertina, which I have restored.  It should be noted that this instrument is in it's orginianl tuning, which is considerably sharper than modern concert pitch and is also not 'equal temperament'. The tuning stystem used on this instrument is known as 'quarter comma mean tone', I understand that it was common for concertinas of this period to be tuned in this way. If you want to play along to this recording you will need to tune A to 450 Hz...






'Light the Candles' was written in 2007, but recently reworked, with quite a few changes (hopefully improvements). The guitar chords are a bit different as are the dots in places and I've slowed it down, to play the guitar with a 123 beat more in keeping for a waltz.

I've spent a few hours out in the shed, re-recording this tune and enjoyed every minute! Hope you enjoy this too!


'The Horse is Shod'

A tune inspired by the magic of 'Wayland's Smithy' long barrow. This site has long been linked to Wayland, the Saxon god of the smith/ metalworker, also with the cult of Woden, a Saxon horse god. In Aidan McGee's song 'White Horses', the Uffington Horse comes to life, and joins others of its kin to romp around Wilts. I figured that our Uffington steed would most likely drop in at the local Smithy, and get hoof irons fixed for the running... Hence the title!

Thanks to Dave Gahan for guitar chord arrangement.


'The Snowy Path'

This is an Irish Slip Jig composed by Mark Kelly of the band 'Altan' and can be found on their album "Harvest Storm" This great tune was introduced to our session by David White, who plays it on the whistle, thanks Dave!!! Dave recently gave up a Sunday afternoon to record this and two other tunes, to listen to this one click the link: 



'May's Retreat'

This is the first tune I have written on the concertina!

It took some time to decide on the name, as I had no idea where this came from, or what inspired it. Eventually I came to the conclusion that it must have been inspired by the changing of the seasons, and since it was concieved at the end of May 2011, and 'May's Retreat' seemed a fitting enough title.

This latest version has been improved,with some changes in the time values of a few notes and better chords.


To listen click the link:


'The Little Egret'

It was on Janurary 4th 2011, that I spotted this beautiful little white heron on the upper reaches of Letcombe Brook. This delicate and graceful creature inspired me to put these notes together!

In times gone by these birds were common thoughout the British Isles. It is recorded, that 1000 Egrets were served at the enthronement of the Archbishop of York in 1465! However they were hunted so intensively that they all but disappeared in the UK by the 16th C. The good news is that they have been returning to our shores in more recent years, and are breeding here again!

(This is an improved version of the tune accompanied with a new recording)




'Hans's Wedding'

On October 9th 2010, folk musician friend Hans Mohr was wed in his home town, Kircheimbolanden, Germany...

I much regret not being able to attend the wedding, I'm sure I've missed a fantastic day! However a few weeks later I woke up with this tune going round inside my head. I knew this one had to be for you Hans, my gift to you both, to celebrate your special day.... and to say sorry that I couldn't be there!!!

The key is Gm, which makes the guitar a bit tricky (all bar chords), I cheated with a cappo on fret 3, playing the open chord shapes, written here under the stave.'wedding.mp3

Recording with concertina:




'Mango Jam'

This tune was written in 2009, but recently 'rediscovered' on my digital recorder. A fun tune to complement 'Banjo Cake'.

I thought it would be in 4:4 time, but seems to pan out in 6:8 on Sibelius (if anyone has any thoughts about this, please contact me!) On this recording I have repeated the last two bars 2 times at the end.




'Worm in the Boards'(16/06/10), I had imagined the floorboards of some old dance hall heaving and bouncing under under the many feet of the cohort as they moved to the notes of this jig. A fine yellow powder dusting the rats as they scurry under the floor!!

A woodworm infested board in the floor of my garden shed, where I was sitting as I composed this tune, gave me the idea for the title!


'Brian's Return'

Brian Statten has been a regular supporter of the Greyhound Session, from the very first night. However more recently his presence was very much missed for several months. We were most happy, when Brian reappeared again in August! I played this tune, written years ago (but never named) to start the session. Brian provided a superb guitar part, playing like he'd played it scores of times before! "What's that one called he asked?" I didn't have an answer, but a name was very quickly chosen by those present!!


'Midsummer Waltz'

21st June seemed a fitting date to post this lovely tune by Ed Pritchard on the site.


Ed has been attending the Abingdon Arms 3rd Friday session for many years now. He is renowned for his performances on the Hammered Dolcimer, both in sessions and with the folk band 'Squire'. Ed played this tune at last Friday's session which inspired me to add it to this collection.


The first 16 bars are repeated, then the rest of the score is played, though to the 48th bar, at which point you go back to the start.


In this recording I have played through the score 3 times. Hope you enjoy this lovely waltz, a great tune for everyone to join in on!










'Banjo Cake!' was concieved and recorded in my garden shed last Saturday, June 6th 09. This one is for David, who has recently started attending the session, but I'm sure most guitarists would welcome the change of key signature, from the more usual G's and D chords of a lot of traditional tunes.


I play this on a tennor banjo, with a cappo on the 2nd fret, no cappo is needed on the guitar however!



'Rhode Island' is my latest offering, written on the 9th April 09. The simple but catchy 'B part' came to me first just as it's written here, the 'A part' I had to work a bit harder on. Please listen to the recording here, I hope you enjoy! I'm looking forward to playing this at the sessions, it would be great to have a few joining in on this!

Oh by the way, youre probably wandering about the title? Well that was inspired by a little chicken we recently acquired, a Rhode Island Red!!

'The Goblin's Revenge'


A tune in Dminor, inspired by the excellent qualities of Wychwood's Hobgoblin Ale! 'The Goblins take their revenge by banishing all pale, sweet, flavourless lager beers, and celebrate their success with flaggons of the mystical dark brew!'


To hear my recordings, click on the links









'Stone Pigeon' suddenly came into my head, fully formed (pretty much how all tunes come), whilst sitting in the back garden of an old friend, in the town of Leamington Spa. Wondering what to call the new arrival, I cast my eyes around the patio area where we were sitting. I spotted a stone garden ornament that resembled a pigeon, but was more probably a peacock (though that would not have rolled of the tongue so well!).



'The Blue Bell' was written in the early 1990's. Hope you enjoy playing along to this one, there are some nice chord changes for a tune in D major, with both minors, being used.


'D.S. al Fine' at the end of the second but last bar, means 'go back to the sign', which is at the 16th bar. From here you play all the way through to the end.





















'Princess Augusta' I have collected fron Hans Mohr's album 'Rainy Days' (1998). Hans tags this very pretty tune onto the back of 'Planxty Davies'. Please forgive my spelling omission on the composer's name, it should have an 'l' on the end (Schottl).














'Monday in France'

Two tunes written by Hans Mohr, and recorded 'back to back' on his 1995 album with the band 'Flap', are entitled 'Monday in France/Tuesday in Ireland, Waltz time.


This notation is my own read on one of these tunes, from listening to the CD.











'The Hazel Dell' is one of the first tunes I wrote, the name being inspired by some lovely woodland, close to where we lived at Ellisfield, Hampshire.

















'Up and Down the Cellar Steps'

Another tune written in 2007, sounds great as a hornpipe!

















'The Segsbury Warrior'

This tune was inspired by Segsbury Castle, the iron age hill fort situated above Letcombe Regis, a very impressive circular ditch and embankment, with good views over the Vale of the White Horse.



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